January 24, 2017

Innovate from the Inside Out!

I know consultants who can immediately solve problems for organizations. But this is rare. Most consultants need to learn an organization’s products, people, and culture to be effective. The idea of hiring a consultant to make your company “innovative” seems strange to me. If you want to make innovation a sustainable competitive advantage it needs to come from your employees and stakeholders.

So I created a consulting firm that’s different from most. I work with your management team to establish processes, models, and a culture that support innovation from your  employees and stakeholders. Basically, I mix together my skills at education and innovation models with your willingness to change to create an innovation culture that fits your organization. Much of the work focuses on providing employees with the tools and resources that they need to be innovative.

If you want to change the word innovation from a  grapevine buzzword term that employees secretly mock, to a genuine culture in your organization, then we need to talk. Complete the contact form for a free consultation and proposal.