July 9, 2010

Why joelkline.com?

Why use just one professional when you can hire a big consulting firm or advertising agency? Cost, accountability, and fit, to name a few reasons. There are great benefits to working with an effective sole practitioner. Here are a few:

1. The Good Fit

I want to be involved in projects that are challenging, collaborative, and help your company achieve its goals. If I cannot do your project, I’ll let you know it. I do not take work that I cannot competently complete. I don’t need the hassle and you don’t either. Large consulting firms rarely turn down a project if a profit is possible…they will never acknowledge they are not a good fit.

2. Cost

My wife works for a big company. Their ad agency billed her company for the time it took to prepare the company’s invoices. Incredible! Being billed for time it took to be billed! I do not have the overhead of a global consulting firm or agency.  Why should you be paying for an agency’s other employees who are not even working on your project?

3. Bait and Switch

Many consulting firms flash the experts at the proposal and kick-off stage. Then they replace them with junior level people for the remainder of the project. With me, you get an expert for the duration of your project.

4. The Network

Hey, I know a guy (or gal) for that… I have a network of people and partner companies to do just about anything. They are cost-effective, trustworthy, and  you only pay for their specific part of the project.