Design Thinking Curriculum Assessment | Questions to start Design Thinking training

Is Design Thinking a method that your organization wants to deploy? Awesome! Consider some training to get the process started. This short assessment provides the key areas -from my perspective – to consider for building a design thinking curriculum.
Be sure to open these questions up to as many team members or staff as possible (or manageable). Use the assessment not only as a tool for informing your curriculum but also as a conversation starter.
Here are ten questions to help customized a design thinking curriculum:
  1. What are you looking to innovate with design thinking (business models, products, processes)?
  2. Are you considering a company-wide or a team outcome?
  3. What kind of technical skills do your employees possess?
  4. How diverse are the skill sets and the people expected to innovate?
  5. What is your organization’s tolerance for failure?
  6. What kinds of innovation methods have been used in the past?
  7. What kinds of processes and methods (e.g. Six Sigma, lean, TQM) are currently employed ?
  8. How far apart geographically is your team or organization?
  9. What does your leadership team expect from design thinking?
  10. How do you currently incentivized innovation among staff and managers?

Answering these questions will help to focus or broaden the efforts of Design Thinking training. It will permit your Organizational Development to offer the best value to onboard the topic of Design Thinking.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about the assessment or it’s implementation.