CRM Integration for Professional Service Organizations (PSOs)

This 20 minute video explains some cultural challenges and strategies for implementing a CRM system in a Professional Services Organization. Professional Service Organizations, especially organizations that contain accredited professionals (e.g. Attorneys, Accountants, Physicians, and Architects) pose unique challenges to customer relationships. Check out the list of 11 considerations below the video to see if this video can help your PSO.


Here are the 11 considerations that I discuss in the video:

  1. Be aware of PSO issues going into the process
  2. Use permission levels (e.g. role hierarchy in Salesforce) and assign owners
  3. Pay attention to automated activities (communicate)
  4. Establish a policy for system updates
  5. Assign a Librarian to manage the system
  6. Clearly identify the uses for your CRM  (e.g. lead generation vs. engagement)
  7. Match CRM uses to a department or person’s business objectives
  8. Acknowledge that everyone might not be excited about cross or up-selling
  9. Create a policy for leveraging existing contacts for new opportunities
  10. Use a mobile and cloud solution – professionals can access when on-the-go
  11. Select KPIs carefully and match to business or division objectives