10 Innovation Elements for Inside Out Innovation

I’m working with consulting clients and group project clients from my college classes to identify the important elements for innovating from the inside of your organization.  So far, we have codified a list of 10 elements that require examination and further research. I’m more of a “question” person than a “list” person, but here is a preliminary list to Read more about 10 Innovation Elements for Inside Out Innovation[…]

Building a design thinking curriculum for your organization

I’m a proponent of inside-out innovation. I respect and admire the many design firms that have evangelized design thinking during last decade. But these firms aren’t your organization’s long-term answer to innovation as a competitive advantage. Your organization needs to develop a culture that fosters innovation from within, what I call inside-out innovation. One way Read more about Building a design thinking curriculum for your organization[…]

Does Wall Street Know Innovation?

Two stories this morning made me consider whether Wall Street (the Street) is good at identifying innovation. A follow-up question would ask whether innovation that benefits the Street actually benefits customers? The first is a story about Kimberly-Clark and its efforts to improve profitability. Evidently, they are going to “desheet” some of their products. This Read more about Does Wall Street Know Innovation?[…]