June 17, 2010


What’s my story? I’m a nerd who combines the disciplines of technology, communication, and education into a career. Along the way I tried entrepreneurship, held elected office, and achieved Masters and PhD degrees. Most of my clients are in B2B verticals; many need help with digital transformation in a way that fits their business goals. Key themes that keep emerging in my work include storytelling, engagement, design thinking, trust, community, and knowledge.

A brief professional summary:

  • Tenured faculty member at Lebanon Valley College, a private, regional college in Pennsylvania
  • Graduate degrees in Advertising & PR, Technical Communication, and Project Management
  • Previously a Principal in Concept Communications, Inc., a boutique  agency
  • Research interests in KM, Innovation, Communities of Practice, and UX
  • Held two terms of elected office at the County of Lebanon (PA)

I love to learn how companies use technology to solve problems and relieve pain points. If you like to talk tech, entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management, innovation, online communities, travel, or maker and DIY hobbies, then contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn.